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Manship Artists Residency + Studios has been selected as a FINALIST for the
COMMONWEALTH AWARD by the Mass Cultural Council!


The Best of Manship Artist 2018 in One Minute!

The Manship Artist Residency + Studios (MARS) is a 501(c)3 public charity dedicated to the preservation of this historic property and its unique landscape as an international artists residency, and for the benefit of the community and visitors to Cape Ann.


Click to learn more about  The Prometheus Circle - a friends group   Photo courtesy Richard Trenner

Click to learn more about The Prometheus Circle - a friends group

Photo courtesy Richard Trenner

We invite you to become a part of this!

MARS, P.O. Box 7071, Gloucester, MA 01930

The Manship Project is preserving this place and continue the legacy of working artists on Cape Ann, and the site will be available to the public in ways that employ good environmental practices.

MARS envisions a world transformed through the power of nature and art with a new center for cultural exchange and community engagement.


Artistic Legacy

Best known as the creator of the Prometheus Fountain at Rockefeller Center, Paul Manship developed this Lanesville estate which he dubbed Starfield on the site of two former working quarries. Paul, his son John and daughter-in-law Margaret Cassidy shared a love for this special place on Cape Ann.


Conserving Open Space

This idyllic 15-acre property boasts two pristine quarries, scenic vistas, rocky summits, and over 5 acres of forested land. MARS is dedicated to protecting   these natural habitats which contribute to the quality of life on the property and in the community. 


Creative Placemaking

MARS will contribute to the revival of the artistic community which once flourished here. Its programming will include an artist residency program with a community engagement component, makers and studio space, public offerings such as performances and exhibitions, nature and hiking trails, workshops and classes. These offerings and rentals will help sustain MARS and allow it to thrive.